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Mosaic Congress 2018

Mosaic Congress 

Collaboration is as ancient as Mosaic Art itself and has pushed not only the boundaries of Scientific Discovery but humanity itself. Pharmacists are the crux of the new age of personalized medical care and eradication of world spanning ailments therefore diversifying the knowledge they are exposed to takes priority. Like the artists of Mesopotamia who first thought to bring together various stones and other ornaments in hopes to immortalize, EMUPSS has decided to organize a multifaceted congress for Pharmacy Students, Pharmacists, Health Professionals, Scientists and Professionals from all walks of life to come together and share what they have and in exchange leave with so much more. To celebrate the birth of this spectacle no name best encompassed all we hoped to achieve like The MOSAIC. Headlined with marquee speakers and an array of creative methods to learn, there's no better way to spend your May.

Please click the link below for Mosaic Congress website.

Mosaic Congress 

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