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Board of Patrons

The Board of Patrons are the first executive committee and they are lifelong members of EMUPSS. The board of patrons will support the growth of EMUPSS and will take part in decision making concerning critical issues. This board will also have the power to stage interference if any executive committee mismanages the affairs and spirit of EMUPSS.

Members of the Board of Patrons:

  1. Ms. Alia Henedi
  2. Ms. Safiye Çağansel
  3. Ms. Chinelo Adaobi Uddoh
  4. Ms. Zehra Kelebek
  5. Ms. Gizem Karahasan
  6. Mr. Muhammed Magaji Yusuf
  7. Mr. Keishid Abtahi
  8. Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Nuaimi
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