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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee members are EMUPSS officials. Executive Committee Members are elected by EMUPSS members during the General Assembly or appointed by the Former Executive Committee, as defined in the constitution.

The Executive Committee consists of 9 Positions:

  1. President.
  2. Vice President.
  3. Secretary General.
  4. Treasurer.
  5. Public Relations Officer.
  6. Research and Public Health Coordinator.
  7. Member At Large.
  8. EPSA Liaison Secretary/ EPSA TWINNET Coordinator.
  9. IPSF Contact Person/ IPSF Student Exchange Officer.

The Executive Committee Duties:

  • Holds the EC position only in EMUPSS.
  • Runs the activities in the name of EMUPSS.
  • Promotes and markets EMUPSS and its activities.
  • Fundraises for EMUPSS.
  • The official Organizer of the EMUPSS Annual Congress.
  • Liaises with the Faculty of Pharmacy/Eastern Mediterranean University on behalf of EMUPSS.
  • Forms and monitors subcommittees for every project organized under EMUPSS.


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